Change The Default Search Engine In Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge browser in Microsoft Windows 10 uses Bing as its default search engine, If you are willing to change the default search engine in Microsoft edge browser.

Then read this guide on “Change the default search engine in Microsoft Edge “.

In this Microsoft Edge browser guide, I will show you the ways that will lead to make google default search engine and home page in Windows Edge browser in Windows 10.

Windows Edge browser gives you the flexibility to modify the Microsoft Edge start page “Where To Next?” which is an address bar and a default search engine.

Change the default search engine in Microsoft Edge

Also, It will give you a broader sense to set and choose the default web page or website when you launch the Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10. In this guide, we will learn both the ways.

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Windows Edge browser is very candid and convenient to use. Your queries will search in the Bing search engine as it is a default search engine in Microsoft Edge.

You may still want to keep Bing search engine as default search engine in Microsoft Edge browser because it is also one of the best search engine around the internet.


If you want the “Where To Next?” search box to search your queries using Google search engine and want to make Google default search engine in Microsoft Edge, Please follow the below steps.

  • Open the Windows Edge browser by clicking the pre-pinned Edge browser on your taskbar, which will show you the “Where to Next?” search bar and few news feeds by Microsoft Edge browser. Try searching something in the search bar and hit enter. You will be redirected to the Bing search result because bing is default search engine in Microsoft Edge.

Search Engine Microsoft Edge

  • Now, If we want the Microsoft Edge browser to search your queries in Google by using the “Where To Next?” search bar and you want to change the default search engine in Microsoft Edge then it will be done through Microsoft Edge Settings. In very few clicks, you will get Google search engine instead of Bing search engine. Let us see how we will do it in a few simple steps.

Change The Default Search Engine In Microsoft Edge

To change the default search engine in Microsoft Edge browser, please follow the steps:-

Step 1: On the top right corner of the Microsoft Edge browser click on the “Three Dots“, a mini window will appear under that, click on the “Settings” at the bottom of the window.

Microsoft Edge Settings

Step 2: Now you will see “Open With“, make sure “Open With” should be set to “Start Page” as shown below,

Microsoft Edge Start Page

Step 3: After this scroll down, When you keep scrolling down you will see the “View Advanced Settings” Option, Just click on it as shown in below screenshot.

Microsoft Edge Advance Settings

Step 4: Now, In “View Advanced Settings” you will see many options but you have to select “Change” button under “Search in the address bar with” as shown below.

Change Default Search Engine Microsoft Edge

Step 5: In the next screen you will see a list of search engines and websites. If your desired search engine is already listed here, then you can click on it and then click “Set As Default” to change the default search engine in Microsoft edge. Now you have to change the default search engine in Microsoft Edge browser.

Microsoft Edge Set default search engine

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Make Search From The Address Bar Or From The new Tab Page. You can now type your query in the edge browser address bar in Windows 10 and hit enter. It will automatically search your queries in the newly set Google default search engine. So this is how we make Google as default search engine Windows 10.

If you want to search your query quickly in the Microsoft edge browser in Windows 10 with the “Shortcut” keys you need to press Ctrl + T to open a new tab page or Ctrl + L to focus on the same current page and try your searches.


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