How To Customize The Start Menu In Windows 10

Want to customize the start menu in Windows 10? The Start menu now has three sections instead of two. On the far left, you’ll find icons representing important menu items that vary depending on your settings (more on this later), including your account, settings, and power options. These icons are unlabeled by default, but if you need help figuring out which is what, you can click the menu button at the top of this section (looks like three horizontal lines) to reveal labels for each icon.

customize start menu in windows 10

Today, we’re talking all about getting faster access to your favorite apps with the Start menu! With the Start menu, you can pin your go-to apps and files, get updated info from Live Tiles – like weather and headlines, so you don’t even need to open the app – and more! In this how to get help on windows 10 guide, Here are a few ways you can customize it.

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Pin Your Favorite Content So It’s Always At The Ready

start menu in windows 10

Easily pin or unpin apps to the Start menu by dragging and dropping an app from the list, or by right-clicking and selecting “Pin to Start.” After that, you can click and drag to move apps around or right-click the app to resize. Live Tiles will even surface updates so you can stay up to speed without having to open the app.

Organize Into Groups So You Can Easily Find What You Are Looking For 😉

make groups in start menu windows 10

Simply drag and drop an app on the Start menu to create and name a new group of apps.

Change The Tile Colours

change tile colours in start menu windows 10

Head to Settings >> Personalization >> Colors to choose a new color for all your tiles.

Easily Show Or Hide Apps

hide apps in windows 10

You can personalize your apps list by going to Settings >> Personalization >> Start and choosing “Show most used apps” or “Show recently added apps.

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This is how to customize the start menu in Windows 10, Hope you understood the concept, any questions related to this shoot me a comment below for further assistance 🙂

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