How Do I Know Whether To Trust A Website On Microsoft Edge?

How do I know whether to trust a website on Microsoft Edge? No matter how you rate yourself on cybersecurity savviness meter, chances are you know that the old-fashioned Microsoft Internet Explorer isn’t the most popular browser out there.

The chronic security issue is one of the big reason why Internet Explorer has faded from popularity over the past decade. That’s why the Microsoft Edge browser came into the light.

Yes! Microsoft Edge browser. The safest the fastest and simplest lightweight browser available on the do i know whether to trust a website on microsoft edge

The brand new Edge browser that comes with Windows 10 operating system serves all your internet surfing needs.

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In this easy to understand guide, we will be learning how to tell if a website is secure to visit or not.

Microsoft is once again attempting to become a serious player in the browser arena. In fact, according to Microsoft’s blog, Edge browser was built with security as its highest priority.

Apart from security, I believe that Microsoft Edge Browser is the fastest edge browser in the market today.

So if you are thinking to uninstall Microsoft Edge browser then hold On. I bet you will change your mind.

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How To Tell If A Website Is Secure?

The very first thing to notice is if you see a green lock icon green lock icon next to the Website address in Microsoft Edge, it means:

  • What you send and receive from the Website is encrypted. Which makes it difficult for everyone else to get this information.
  • The Website is verified, which means that the company running the site has a certificate proving they own it and you can trust that website on Microsoft Edge.
  • Click the lock button to see who owns the site and who verified it.
  • While the “Grey Lock Icon” means that the Website is encrypted and authenticated, a “Green Lock Icon” means that Microsoft Edge considers the Website more likely to be authentic. That’s because it is using an Extended Validation (EV) certificate, which requires a more detailed identity verification process.

How Do I Know Whether To Trust A Website On Microsoft Edge

The Microsoft Edge browser is not only secure it is also user-friendly with only the most used tools and settings that an internet surfer use.

3 Security Features In Microsoft Edge Browser:

Stops phishers before they cast their bait:

Phishing is an attempt to gain access to sensitive information by means of pretending to be a trustworthy entity.

A prime method used by internet ne’er-do-gooders looking to steal your sensitive information is to steer you towards fake websites which impersonate websites you know and trust.

Edge Browser aims to prevent phishing attack through its passport technology. Instead of using a shareable password, Edge browser will authenticate securely to applications, including website and network. Hence, no password needed.

Then, using Microsoft smart screen technology, Edge browser will do a reputation check for each Website you are attempting to enter is – OK.

If anything wrong is found, the user will get a warning from the Edge browser to stop phishers before they cast their bait.

Operates In A Sandbox:

A major Microsoft Internet Explorer security misstep was that the browser was built directly into Microsoft Windows.

This means that the browser was compromised, your entire computer might be taken down with it. Edge browser, on the other hand, will be a universal app, constantly running in a partial sandbox.

What Is sandbox? 

Sandboxing is a security term for executing a program or software in a contained environment so it cannot affect any other programs that may be running on the device.

This means, better security for the end-users because if Edge browser has compromised the rest of the computer won’t be harmed. In this case, you already have an idea of how do i know whether to trust a website on Microsoft edge?

Deactivates Offensive Extensions, Such As ActiveX And More:   

Edge Browser will not support ill-famed dangerous browser extensions like ActiveX and VB Scripts. The browser extension is the piece of software that, Long ago, made suffering the web a richer more flexible experience.

Unfortunately, it was this same flexibility that allowed such programs to be used by the wrong people to gain access to your entire computer. Edge browser will be creating a new extension-based model of its own to enhance flexibility.

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So, this is how you know about the security of Microsoft Edge browser and I hope that your question on how do I know whether to trust a website on Microsoft edge in Windows 10 has been solved with this article.

If you want to warn your friends and family about the online threats that they may encounter then please share this article with them.

I have provided you with a detailed article about the Microsoft edge and the securities which Microsoft Edge provides. I hope this helps.

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