How To Back Up Photos And Text Messages In Windows 10 Mobile?

How to back up photos and text messages in Windows 10 mobile? In Windows 10 mobile when it comes on how to back up photos, Apps, Text messages, and settings, Microsoft took a middle path.

Instead of rolling out how to backup and restore, they introduced an inbuilt feature which takes care of the most important pieces of stuff to back up. Even if you perform regular backups with third-party apps, it is recommended to use Windows phone backup and restore feature.

Windows 10 backup and restore feature is very helpful as it will secure the most important data that you do not want to lose. It is free and does not require any purchase. I use it regularly on all of my computers, at home in an office, etc.

how to back up photos and text messages in windows 10 mobile

This includes Text messages, back up photos, App installation and so on.

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This process can be used for both switching from Windows Phone 8.1 back up to Windows 10 mobile or Windows 10 mobile to another Windows 10 mobile and so on.

Because of the technical approach in Windows 10 mobile, it’s quite easy to back up photos and text messages in Windows 10 mobile

NOTE: You will need the Name of your phone, The Internet, and a Microsoft Account.

How To Back Up Photos And Text Messages In Windows 10 Mobile

Get your device ready to back up photos and text messages: 

Name Your Phone: The backup of your phone is saved with a name which helps you recognize it when you want to restore. This name by default is “windows phone” but you can, and should edit this as the first step. Go to Settings >> System >> About >> Edit Name and give the name of your choice.

Internet Connection: The second thing you should remember that it’s an online process, you will need the internet to both backup photos and text messages.

Microsoft Account: Your back up is linked to your Microsoft account When you restore you will need to sign with the same account you make a backup. Make sure you either have a number or an email id configured with your account.

How To Back Up And How It Works?

In Windows 10 mobile, the backup process has improved, there is more clarity on how to back up and end-users have more control and option over it.

Before we go into the process, let’s take a look at how it works and how you can manually update.

  • Go to Settings >> Update and Security >> Backup >> More Options >> Backup Now.
  • This will start the backup and it’s stored in Onedrive, there you can see the last backed up, etc.

How To Back Up Photos And Text Messages In Windows 10 Mobile

How To Back Up Photos:

  • Firstly, Go to Photos App >> tap on the menu bar and select Settings. You have two options there, one which says “Manage OneDrive Upload Settings” and second “Change Where photos and videos are saved“.
  • The first option launches the Onedrive App setting where you can enable the camera upload option if it’s turned OFF. The second option, show you the list of Apps from the store which supports “Auto Upload Feature” but it isn’t working right now.
  • One thing you should know about how to back up photos is that it’s an independent process and its function is to continuously upload your photos to OneDrive. Just emulate manual back up won’t upload your photos to Onedrive.

windows 10 mobile photos back up

How To Back Up Text Messages:

  • At first, Go to Settings >> System >> Messaging and turn On >> Sync Messages Between Devices.

windows 10 mobile text messages back up

All the Text messages or SMS are backed up automatically, One option that has changed in here is instead of toggle option for Text Backup, you now have the Option to disable/enable sync messages between devices.

This means while the text messages back up are certainly on by default, the option to sync text messages between devices is up to you.

How To Back Up Apps Installed On Your Windows Phone:

Like the earlier version of Windows phone, the Windows 10 mobile, Keeps a  list of installed apps connected to your phone allows participating apps to back up data to the cloud.

It uses the same data to restore to get you back to the same state. So which part of the app data is taken as back up? This is entirely up to the developers. It could be just settings, game states and so on.

In order on how to back up Apps, apply the below steps to your Windows 10 mobile,

windows 10 mobile apps back up

  • Under back up option, make sure the option “Back up content from participating App” is On.
  • If you want to back up or manage individual App. Select More Option and choose which Apps to back up. You have to toggle for the apps which have enabled this option.

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So, this is how to back up. Hope this guide on how to back up photos and text messages in Windows 10 mobile helped you to protect your data.

In this article, I have listed all the possible way to back up photos and text messages in windows 10 mobile.

Please share with your friends and family to let them know about how to back up photos and text messages in windows 10 mobile and to overcome this problem. If any questions on this guide please feel free to comment below.

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