How To Use Dynamic Lock In Windows 10?

How to use dynamic lock in Windows 10, this simple guide explains how you can pair your phone with Windows 10 so it locks automatically when you walk away.

Powerful security is one great feature in Windows 10. The operating system has included several methods of security and authentication. These are alphanumeric, PIN, and picture passwords. There is another type of authentication technology in Windows 10. It’s called Windows Hello.

If you have a compatible device, then you can set face recognition authentication system with the help of Windows 10.How To Use Dynamic Lock in Windows 10 Now the Creators Update for Windows 10 will introduce another new locking mechanism for your PC called the Dynamic Lock and from this guide, you will know how to use dynamic lock in Windows 10.

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If Dynamic Lock is a new feature using proximity detection to log off users or lock a PC, it will likely be a welcome feature for enterprise users.

Instead of having to remember to tap the Windows keyL combination to lock the computer. The PC itself will take care of the security measure for corporate types.

How To Use Dynamic Lock In Windows 10dynamic lock in windows 10

Be sure to firstly enable Bluetooth on Windows 10 PC and then follow the below steps:

  • On your Windows 10 PC, select the Start  >> Settings >> Accounts >> Sign-in options.
  • Under Dynamic lock, select Allow Windows to detect when you’re away and automatically lock the device.
  • Take your phone with you when you move away from your PC, and it will automatically lock a minute or so after you’re out of Bluetooth range. (Note that Bluetooth range varies by devices.)
  •  You have two options for setting up Dynamic lock: Use Bluetooth to pair your phone with your PC.

Once they’re paired, take your phone with you when you walk away, and your PC will automatically get locked minute or so after you’re out of Bluetooth range.

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So this is how to use dynamic lock in Windows 10 and protect your PC from unauthorized offline access.

But, you should know that if someone jumped onto your PC within 30 seconds when you left the system, then Dynamic Lock would not work at all.

Well, the Dynamic lock in Windows 10 is very cool and helpful to secure your computer.

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